FanDuel Sportsbook

We created this long-running campaign to support FanDuel’s entry into new gaming markets. The process started with our in-house creatives developing the overall design, and after multiple iterations and refinements of the bold typographic style, we were ready to take the next step. We storyboarded each key moment to prepare for our animation. The animation approach leveraged the design elements, presenting a seamless flow through the various concepts while simultaneously highlighting key aspects of the FanDuel app. After the typography animation was complete, we did a full audio mix and finished the campaign for broadcast. As a follow-up, we successfully continued to create new versions for over 20 target markets as they launched across the country.

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We have successfully created new versions for over 20 target markets and continue to do so as new territories launch across the country.


Client: FanDuel Sportsbook
Post Production: Evolution
Director: John Shepphird
Editorial: Jeremy Poindexter

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